Aquaponics – Where To Place This Green Gardening System?

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Aquaponics – Where To Place This Green Gardening System?

You must be one of the smart people who already decided to get an aquaponic system and set it up in order to have wonderful meals each and every day for you and your family as well. If you are one of those people then first you need to understand some details. As it is with every product, even with this one there are several things you need to know before getting started. You really need to think about the type of fish you will use and the type of plant as well. Both are very important. You also need to know about the conditions in the water, and this knowledge is necessary in order for the seeds to propagate and in order for all of this to work properly. These are just some of the details and they are the most important ones, and you should really study these before you decide to set up the whole shebang. Once you educate yourself on all of the important things of the puzzle, you can start putting the pieces together. But when you start that, another dilemma will arise, and that is the spot where you should put your little aquaponic farm.

You must be thinking that it’s going to be really hard to find the right spot. If you’re thinking that, then you’re wrong! Very wrong, because you can put the contraption anywhere you want as long as it can absorb enough light from the sun. You know, it’s those natural processes and stuff – plants can’t really do anything without the sun. If you don’t give a human water for several days, he’ll dehydrate and die, and if you don’t give plants light or you don’t give them enough light, they’ll wither and die. And for reasons obvious to us all, you don’t want that! So, I’m thinking that you should pay attention to this light issue. If you have a place anywhere in the house or garage, where there is some moderate amount of light, then you will have no issues about that! That place can be the kitchen, living room, bathroom – it’s not really important, you just need enough light, and it will all be taken care of. The plants will live, and you will be able to harvest them eventually.

The spot can pose some other problems actually. It seemed that’s it’s easy but sometimes it is not. It actually depends on your whereabouts. The area in which you live can pose some problems if you are living under difficult weather conditions. The temperature can cause some real problems to your fish. Another problem is that different fish like different temperatures, but this does not vary much, so in essence, it’s not a real problem. Most fish need moderate temperatures which are completely logical and great for most of us because we humans need moderate temperatures as well. So all in all, only extreme temperatures will be problematic. If you are living somewhere where the temperatures are really high, than you should avoid exposing them directly to the solar rays as it will probably be the death of them. Similar things go to those of us living in very cold areas. But here the light is no the problem but the water itself. You need to keep the water from going to some colder temperatures. Without that, the fish will die here as well… Overall, the temperature is not a big problem since generally most of us live in moderate climes, or at least those of us who want to have an aquaponic system.

One other thing and I’m done. It may start to look like this thing poses more problems than solutions but it is only like that at the first sight, and after you get it and set it up, you will see that it is actually quite simple and easy to manage. So, that last thing is that you should pay attention to not exposing your fish and plants to any kinds of chemicals. So, it won’t be a good idea to keep the system in a room where you keep your cleaning products. Just go for some airy spaces with moderate temperatures and you will be just fine.

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