Is Car Sharing The Solution For Traffic-Choked Town Centres?

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Is Car Sharing The Solution For Traffic-Choked Town Centres?

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With our towns, cities and motorways congested with traffic, there has to be another way to get from A to B without wasting time and money in the process. There is public transport of course but the cost is getting more and more expensive and sometimes it costs more to use public transport than it does to use the car. You may also live in an area that doesn’t have good public transport or perhaps it doesn’t run at a time that you need it to.


What is car sharing?

Congested street traffic


One suggestion is to car share. That is you let someone else travel with you in your car, or they let you travel in theirs. This isn’t a new scheme, it has been around for quite some time but is becoming more popular due to the increase in both petrol and traffic. Car sharing has many benefits, including reducing the costs of running the car, parking and some motorways have car share lanes. This is very popular in America and is becoming more popular here too. There are schemes that allow you to find other people who would like to share you car with you. This could be regularly every day on the way to work, or perhaps on a long journey. The schemes are usually funded by the local council and can have a positive impact on your car finance wise too. This is because your car maintenance won’t be as high as you won’t be using your car as often. Other incentives are your insurance will be lower as you won’t be doing as many miles. Even if you don’t have a car, there are communities that offer people the chance to share a car anyway instead of using public transport.


Getting a new car for car sharing

Car Sharing Sign

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If you are thinking about car sharing then you might want to consider getting a nice car to car share with! There are plenty of offers around at the moment as the car market is not doing so well as people are struggling to get car finance or car loans. You should check out your credit rating before you enquire about car credit though as you don’t want to go to the trouble and excitement of buying a car only to be refused car finance. When buying a car to use as a car share then you should consider a few things. You will want to get a reliable car as well as one that is quite cheap to run. There is no point in car sharing if you end up spending more on petrol if you buy a new car. You should also consider size, how many people will be travelling with you.

If you do consider car sharing you will be helping the environment as well as saving you money.


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