Solar Storms: The Impact on Human Life

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Solar Storms: The Impact on Human Life

The sun has weather, and sun storms give off flares composed of tremendous amounts of hot gas and high-energy particles. Earth is in the path of solar flares. The storms on the sun impact the magnetic field on the earth and cause hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, wind storms and volcanic eruptions.

The sun storms do more. The flares impact the magnetic field on the earth which in turn affects the magnetic field surrounding each person. They affect human biology and human consciousness.

The flares influence brain activity and the central nervous system. The effects manifest as worry, anxiety and agitation. Someone may feel exhausted, queasy, dizzy or nauseous. Short term memory may be a problem. Someone may notice headaches, head pressure and an irregular or faster heartbeat. Other symptoms of change include not sleeping well, having unusual dreams, losing track of time and forgetting words when speaking.

The solar flares are changing us on a cellular level. Our cells contain emotional memories from our life experiences. Often, negative experiences from the past were not healed. Experiences that caused negative emotions create low frequency energy. Solar flares contain higher frequency energy. When the two energies meet, the lower energy is pulled into the higher frequency. Negative emotions such as grief or sadness are released. Someone may let go of the emotions and not understand how or why it happened. Solar flares clear the memories stored in our cells.

Human behavior is a combination of our thoughts and emotions. Solar flares help break old unwanted patterns. Breaking old patterns makes room for new patterns to emerge. Someone may start remembering the soul’s purpose and feel the desire to make life changes. Energy that is of a high frequency brings with it the power to instantly manifest someone’s thoughts. Stating desires in a positive way is important because thinking about something that is not wanted will attract it.

Electrical devices operate at specific frequencies and vibration levels. The earth is surrounded by frequencies that power computers, kitchen appliances, lights, phones, radios, televisions and more. Waves of energy from the devices are constantly moving through someone’s body. The frequencies affect our body and mind. Solar flares are getting through the interference and waking up our DNA. Solar flares also create havoc on the devices. It’s a good time to look into solar quotes.

Long ago, the Mayans predicted 2012 would be a period of change and conflict. Solar flares change the physical reality throughout the earth and in our bodies. Stay focused on positive emotions, and look into solar quotes.


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    Very interesting article. Not enough is known about how the sun affects the earth and its inhabitants. Thank you.