The Fox That Got Hunted For Being Too Cool

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The Fox That Got Hunted For Being Too Cool

Do you know why people want to ban foxhunts? Because foxes are not only one of the earth’s creatures and deserve better than to be chased and killed in this cruel way, but also because they are pretty cool!

No animal deserves to be treated like that. It’s cruel and should be stopped NOW, as foxes are still a part of the rich tapestry of animals that make the UK what it is. They serve their purpose in the animal kingdom the same as any other creature, and if you didn’t know much about them, here are a few fox facts to get your teeth into.

Not a Fussy Eater

Some animals like to turn their nose up at certain foods. This complaint certainly can’t be leveled at the fox, which will pretty much eat anything! From berries to worms, spiders to squirrels, the fox will just about get it’s gnashes around anything that can provide a bit of nutrients. Plus when they’re full, they even hide a bit for later. Waste not want not!

They Must Eat Their Carrots

Foxes have specially adapted night vision, which makes them amazing night time predators. They have a light sensitive layer called the ‘tapetum lucid’ that allows double the intensity of night vision images to the fox, making them a worthy advisory to any prey they come across.

Dog Eat Dog World

The fox is actually part of the dog family, which makes it even more unbelievable that they are hunted by other dogs in the name of sport. It’s not sport, it’s cruelty to an animal. Other members of the dog family include wolves, coyotes, and raccoons. I’d like to see them try and hunt a wolf in the forest, it will be there red jackets that will be ripped to pieces!

Man About Town

Foxes are one of the few animals that can quite happily live in a built up town area as well as in the wild. The ‘urban fox’ and usually be found wandering around late at night, scavenging for scraps in bins. I encountered one once in Clapham in London, wandering around, minding it’s own business. I tried to feed it a chicken wing that I was eating, and it seemed quite interested, until my brother came around the corner bellowing and scared it away. We could have been friends, me and that fox, but I guess now we’ll never know.

Let’s all do our bit to try and stop fox hunting in the UK. For foxhunting, which is a cruel barbaric sport from a bygone era you can see from the facts above, the fox it’s a pretty cool creature in it’s own right.

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  • Albert Hidding

    Well spoken:)

  • Foxey

    What an excellent idea, a page about foxes and fox hunting; let me add to it!

    Foxes often chew off the ears and tails of lambs; they then bury these and leave them young lambs to bleed to death.

    Foxes are not fussy eaters, in fact sometimes they don’t eat at all, they just kill 30 are 40 chickens in half an hour then take one away with them.

    Foxes are one of the few animals to regularly attack people in the UK today (especially in built up areas where they are fed) is the fox with reports of attack fairly regular – babies are particularly at risk.

    The fox is in now way endangered with the population actually slightly growing nationally – current estimates are around 300,000 in the UK.