Eco Friendly Swimming Pools are No Modern Myth

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Eco Friendly Swimming Pools are No Modern Myth

It seems we are finally living in a time where pretty much the whole of society is aware of the importance of preserving the environment through better use of the Earthís limited resources. Almost every company is making an effort to reduce their impact on the atmosphere, and this is reflected in the ever-increasing availability of green products in the market. The swimming pool industry is no exception.

Swimming pools usually have very large energy and water consumption demands. In the winter, they need to be heated, and in the summer, the filters are more active and pools also need to be filled more often due to water losses through evaporation. Fortunately, there are new accessories and installation techniques that are geared towards making a pool less of a liability for Mother Earth.

A great alternative to lessen the impact in-ground pools have on the environment is through the use of swimming pool covers. Solar bubble covers are eco friendly swimming pool covers, which reduce the evaporation rate by as much as 95%. Furthermore, these covers can harvest solar energy, translating into savings in terms of money and use of electricity because they greatly improve heat retention.

Another innovative and environmentally-friendly pool accessory is the solar-powered pump, which can filter the pool water with energy from the sun, as the name suggests. Regular pool pumps can be replaced with a solar pump to effectively erase the electric power bill. These pumps are typically noise free, require no installation and have no carbon footprint, so they are overall winners that in time will pay for themselves.

There are new products and accessories coming out constantly to help homeowners reduce the impact their existing pool has on the environment, but those who have yet to build their pool may want to look at alternative ways to reduce the environmental impact during the pool installation process. One growing trend is to install natural swimming pools, which are more of a pond-inspired habitat that may blend natural surroundings with water recreation. These eco-friendly pools are now gaining popularity in the United States, although they have been popular in Europe for quite some time. The process begins with digging a hole with sloping sides, as large or as deep as desired. Once the hole is dug, the bottom may be lined with compacted clay or a synthetic liner made of rubber instead of PVC. Typically, a layer of gravel is placed over the liner before the hole is filled with water. Filtration in natural pools depends heavily on the use of plants.

With the focus on preserving our delicate eco system, people are finding new ways by which to minimize their effect on the Earth. Current and future pool owners interested in green technology for pools will find diverse products and techniques that allow them to enjoy a pool without remorse. Considering the significant impact regular pools normally have on the environment, installing an eco-friendly pool or improving an existing pool with environmentally friendly products is a great place to start.

Photo by Thomas Galvez