Sourcing eco-friendly furniture

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Sourcing eco-friendly furniture

It is easy to define whether or not most items are “green”, but there are some areas where it can become a little vague, especially when someone is trying to sell you something and describe it as “green” as its main selling point. In this day and age, we are predominantly drawn towards items that are advertised as “eco-friendly” and other buzzwords, but what do they even mean?

In regards to something like furniture, there are many ways it can be manufactured in an eco-friendly manner and can be built for either inside or outside the home. More traditional methods are used to create the items and are all used with the environment to mind.


Reclaimed materials

If treated correctly, wood can be much more durable than we think and can last a great deal of time; as a result, we can easily produce furniture from reclaimed wood that may have been used in the past for a house, other furniture or even wood straight from the forest.

This method directly saves the need to cut down entire trees to make new items and lessens our impact on the environment on a global scale. Furniture made from reclaimed wood usually gets a certification, whether it is a set of bedside tables or a grand dining table for the living room.


FSC certified wood

Unfortunately, it is very hard not to have to cut down existing trees to create new furniture, but controlled forests ensure that once a tree is cut down, it is immediately replaced by another. Sustainable woods have been created in the response to the endless acres cut down in the likes of South America and you know a forest is sustainable if it has the FSC certification.

The Forest Stewardship Council helps guide on these forests and they make the effort to monitor, inspect and manage these sustainable areas. Anything FSC certified will be advertised as such.


Recycled materials

It is important to remember that not all furniture is made from wood, but items made from metal and glass have a very un-eco-friendly manufacturing process. As a result if any of these said materials can be recycled and be utilised once more as furniture, then the environment will be a lot better off. As a result, many manufacturers and designers choose to use such materials to create stylish furniture.


Bamboo and Rattan

Bamboo is a brilliant alternative to wood as it is made from a rapidly-growing grass that can grow back ever so quickly after being taken down, making it fairly sustainable. It is also a very durable and versatile element, allowing for various furniture designs.

Rattan is very similar to Bamboo in that it makes a friendly alternative to wood as it can grow back so quickly, as well being a great source of furniture production because of its properties.

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