Living a Greener Lifestyle

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Living a Greener Lifestyle

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There are a lot of people who are looking to make changes in their lifestyle so that they have a greener existence with a smaller carbon footprint with less of an impact on our environment. This is very commendable and everybody should make an effort to do similar things with their lives. From governments to big corporation right down to the average person in the street, we all need to make an effort to look after this little planet we call Earth as it is the only one that we have. There are many things that we can do as individuals which will collectively have a big impact.


Recycling is an obvious solution as it has been popular for quite a long time now. Separating all of our rubbish that we throw away into different categories is a perfect way that we can start to be a little greener.

Make a pile of all of the paper that we no longer need from old envelopes, newspapers and magazines you have for recycling. You need to make sure you do not put any personal documents in such as bank statements and what have you, unless they have been shredded first. Plastic bottles can also be collected and then taken to the recycling centre when needed. How often you will need to go to the recycling centre will depend on how close it is to you and also how much stuff you have for recycling. Glass bottles, Tins and Cans can also be collected and taken to the local centre as and when needed. You may even be lucky to find a free collection service that will happily take away all or certain kinds of products for recycling. You usually need to book this in advance though and you can also make some money in some cases by selling your recycling material.



Everyone needs to change their attitude towards transport. At present the majority of vehicles, whether they be Planes, Cars, Trains or Trucks, are all powered by fossil fuels. These are not limitless so we need to be careful with how much we use. Choosing an economical car is a start as sometimes there is not getting around the fact that you need a car to get to work. This of course does depend on the distance you need to travel and also the public transport which is available in your area. But there are little things that you can do which can make a difference in the amount of fuel that you use. If you live a close enough distance, instead of taking the car to your local shop, walk or take a bike. Try and car pool with someone at work and take it in turns to drive, this will save you both some money as well. If possible use public transport rather than your own vehicle. When you are driving, drive economically and not with your foot to the floor all the time, this is also a good way to save money as your car will be more fuel efficient.


Alternative Power Sources

Another great way to save money and also be kind to the environment is with the use of alternative energy sources. This could mean using Geo Thermal Power, Hydro Electric Power, Solar Power or Wind Power. There is a cost for all these forms of technology so before you run out to find a Wholesale Solar Panel Dealer you will need to do some research on the system that is best for you and also within your budget. You may even be lucky enough to get some government grants or assistance in installing an alternative power source in your home or business. Depending on the type of system that you install, the amount of power generated and the amount of power you require, you may even be able to sell your surplus power back to the Electrical Grid and make some money on top of not having to pay for your electricity.



There are things that we can do which are free of charge and we can also spend a lot of money on becoming green. If you do have the money to invest then this will pay for itself in the long run and may even make you money as well. Whether it is in the home or place of business, we all have a responsibility to look after our planet and we need to do something collectively today, before it is too late!

This article was written by Max Johnson on behalf of Avic International. AVIC Solar is a leading supplier in wholesale solar panels and ranks 250th in the Global Top 500 largest corporations in 2012. Max is a keen blogger on technology and green issues and is always looking for ways to help maintain the planet and reduce his carbon footprint. Photo via flickr

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