Natural Remedies For A Mucus Cough

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Natural Remedies For A Mucus Cough

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If you have a mucus cough it can be that it turns into a persistent cough that is difficult to shift. While it’s a good idea to expel the mucus from your body, it can be that coughing too much ends up irritating the airways even further, and actually makes your body produce more mucus as a consequence.

Whether you’ve got mucus in throat or on your chest, it can give you a congested and uncomfortable feeling. You can buy lots of medicines over the counter to deal with mucus coughs and congestion, but there are also some easy home remedies which will help.

The problem with congested mucus is that it is thick and is difficult to expel from the body. Coughing it up can be quite painful. The following home remedies will help to thin the mucus and so make it easier to expel from the body.

Drink plenty of fluids. Whether you drink hot tea, soup or just plain water, the more fluids you drink the thinner the mucus will be. Anecdotal evidence suggests that dairy products can actually increase mucus production, so steer clear of milky drinks.

Warm your chest. You can do this by wrapping a hot damp towel or cloth around your chest. This will help loosen mucus sitting on your chest.

Eat spicy foods. Any food that contains capsicum is said to aid the thinning of mucus. Turmeric is also a natural antiseptic ingredient.

Gargle salt water. You can use salt water solution to get temporary relief from a build-up of mucus in the throat. Don’t overdo this or you’ll end up irritating your throat tissue, which will lead to the creation of more mucus.

These simple remedies should help you expel mucus from your body and ease the symptoms of a persistent cough. For further information on the causes and treatment of excess mucus, take a look at the information on the Mucus Management website.

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