The Types of Grow Lights for Your Indoor Plants

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The Types of Grow Lights for Your Indoor Plants

Grow Lights

Indoor grow lights are widely use around the world to aid plants that are cultivated in areas that are blocked away from the sun or natural light. Grow lights are also used in certain geographic areas with minimal sun exposure throughout the year.

It is important to know the different types of grow lights and when to use them for certain types of plans. You need to know as well if the lights are efficient and environmental friendly as to make sure that these lights are not costing you high on your energy consumption.

Below is the list of the common grow lights that are used by many indoor gardeners.

Metal Halide Grow Lights

These types of Grow light have high intensity discharges which are more effective in enhancing the life of the plant. It is thought to be the ideal type of lighting as it provides a spectrum of light closest to a natural sunlight. It has blue light to assist in growth and red to rouse flowering. It helps in the growth process of the plants. Metal Halide Grow Lights are also chosen by professional indoor gardeners and green house enthusiast because it looks clear and bright inside bestowing an almost sunny outdoor ambiance. They are also very energy-saver compare to other lightings.

High Pressure Sodium Grow Lights

This Grow light is another HID or High intensity discharge type of lighting. So if you are really into gardening indoors this grow light will very much suit you. It releases yellow-orange-red light rays that encourage flowering and fruiting on plants under these lights, making them ideal if you are planting indoors for fruit harvesting. It will also need to be noted that plants under these lights can appear tall, leggy and sometimes unhealthy. However, just like metal halide lights, high Pressure Sodium Grow Lights are also efficient. It will cost you less in energy bill and it can last for two years. These lights are usually used in green houses.

Fluorescent Grow Lights for Plants

Fluorescent Lights are very cheap and energy-efficient to use. They emit a full spectrum, yet soft illuminating light. They are best used for plant nursery, where seedlings require more light in order to grow. However Fluorescent grow lights need to be closer to the plants. It should be just an inches away atop the seedlings. Do not worry as this type of Grow light release a small amount of heat that will not damage the plant even if they are right above it.

LED Grow Lights

Light-emitting Diode Lights are the latest Grow type available now in the market. LEDs are the most economical to use, however you need to get used to it first. They have a specific spectrum which can be utilized during a plant stage to further its growth. LEDs now can emit various kinds of spectrum so that you can easily change it which better suite you plant. They are highly efficient and will last longer when you compare it to other types of lighting. It is safe to put them atop the plants 12 inches away as they only emit low heat.

Incandescent Grow Light

Incandescent bulbs and lights are only use for showcasing the plants for a show or an exhibit. They are not really use to substitute sunlight as they can burn the plants because of so much heat. That is why it is advisable to place them far away if possible from the plants and not to expose the plants under these lights for a long period of time.

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