4 Popular Alternative Energy Sources for Your Home

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4 Popular Alternative Energy Sources for Your Home

Sun, wind and biomass are the alternate sources of energy. The use of these resources is being advocated since long as the problem of scarcity of conventional sources of energy is becoming more and more aggravated. The energy bills are also soaring high leading the consumers to think of alternative options that are in abundance as well as cheap. Now the environmentalists have come up with the idea of producing heat and electricity with the help of other sources of energy such as wind and sun.


1. Solar Panels are Expanding the Reach

Huge solar panels are being seen as the best alternative to produce heat and electricity. In the cold countries, use of room heaters used to be the usual mode of heating the rooms. It used to cost heavily to the private user. Repair and maintenance also proved to be a costly affair. The brains behind the developers of solar energy consuming devices have gathered foot hold in Texas and surrounding cities resulting into the popularity of solar panel Texas that are cheap, easy to use and quite durable.

A lot of examples that changed the statistics of private usage expenditure are available to follow. More than 1200 households in Austin, Texas only have witnessed the dramatic fall in the energy expenditure by the introduction of passive houses. Passive house are nothing but the energy-efficient houses that are redesigned to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by about 80%. The studies show that building sector is major contributor in the overall pollution levels in the environment. Hence, research to develop the energy-efficient houses was carried out and hence passive homes came into being.


2. Passive Houses are the New Face of Building Sector

Passive houses are the great energy savers. Around 80% of the energy loss is controlled by these houses. The main requirement of heating the houses is fulfilled with the help of passive solar gains. All the components of the house contribute towards the energy saving.

Annual heat requirement of these houses is less than 15 kWh/m2/year. This reduction translates into the 90% cost reduction in the utility bill. Windows, ventilation system and walls are redesigned to enable the less wastage of energy.

Looking at the need to save energy, even governments of various countries are funding the projects based on passive housing concept. With the use of such houses, the annual expenditure of $58000 was reduced to just $1700 monthly reportedly in the country of Jamaica. All such statistics show that there is lot of scope for such projects that encourage the alternative sources of energy.


3. Alternative Energy Sources Of Future

The excavation of petrol wells and building of nuclear plants is not an easy task at all. The cost involved in such research projects is astronomical; therefore, licensing procedures are being finalized to legalize the alternative sources energy utilization. This breakthrough in the development of optional energy options has made the people realize the importance of such sources that are abundant but were never thought of any use.

Biomass is one such energy source that is making use of human and animal wastes in generation of heat and electricity. The biomass plants are being installed near the residential areas to ease the transportation of energy. Environment-friendly cook tops, heaters and other heating equipments have started hitting the stands. The cost-effectiveness of these devices is attracting many buyers and people are making a lot of changes in their house structures to facilitate the use of such resources. It is found that restructuring cost and the future costs of alternative energy resources is far cheaper than the existing ones.


4. Wind Turbines Are Replacing the Thermal Sources of Energy

There are a number of countries where the fast flowing winds are believed to create nuisance only. This notoriety of winds is now being utilized to make green turbines. The huge wind fans are installed and the turbine is exposed to the wind pressure that in turn generates electricity for private as well as commercial use.

Alternative sources of energy are the future theme of living. The drive to save the earth is catching fast pace and development of green projects is one of the various steps taken to support it.

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