Organic vs. Regular – The Skin Care Difference

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Organic vs. Regular – The Skin Care Difference

Is using all natural products on your skin always better for you? Or is that an out-dated notion that ignores scientific fact and advancements? If you use a lot of skin care products this is an important question to consider


No hidden nasties

One of the biggest advantages of organic skin is you know what you are getting. Nobody would argue that absolutely everything produced naturally is good for you, but at the very least if something has been naturally produced it have been around humans for a long time and chances are they have already been using it for centuries. The same cannot be said for some of the chemicals found in more modern skin care treatments. You can always carefully scour the labels of a skin care product for words like ‘triethanolamine’ and ‘propylene glycol’ but it takes an awful lot of research to keep on top of all the ones to avoid. It is much easier and less time consuming to just buy organic.


Keeping it green

As with every other product on the market, skin care products are more environmentally responsible when they are local and organic. If you are conscious of your footprint you are better off using products made with real ingredients than artificial chemicals. Another thing to consider if this is truly your concern (organic vs. chemicals aside) is your packaging. Glass packaging is always better than plastic.


Stay beautiful on the inside, not just the outside

Beauty is more than just skin deep when it comes to skin care products. This is because although most of us think about it as our body’s protective layer, when it comes to the creams and lotions we smear on it actually acts more like a sponge, absorbing it into our blood stream.  This is a fairlyfrightening piece of information especially as even the most rudimentary search of chemicals found in skin care products turns up words like: neurotoxin, carcinogen, urogenital abnormalities and kidney failure. A similar Google search on organic skin care products is unlikely to yield similar results.

So keep this in mind when next shopping for products for your skin. The organic products on the top shelf might be a dollar more expensive but when you consider the benefits that extra cost gets you, which one is really best value for money?

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  • Chagai Dubrawsky

    The skin is the largest organ in the body.It is the shield against the environment,while
    absorbing ingridients essential for the survival of the body.
    Why coat the body with ingridients that might harm the body.That,just,makes no sense.