Ideas to Arrange Nature Inspired Green Wedding Themes

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Ideas to Arrange Nature Inspired Green Wedding Themes

Go Green” is a commonly used phrase as people now want to become more environment friendly as far as anything or everything goes. So, let’s start by incorporating this trend of going green into your wedding planning. Coloured theme weddings are usually normal these days. As far as the current trend goes, wedding planners are going for green theme for your wedding which is a colour that indicates life and dignity.

Going green not at all means that your wedding would turn out to be a boring affair rather it will be counted in one of the classy and sensible affairs as symbolises the awareness of the couple who is all set to tie the knots under the green theme. Here are few ideas or tips by which you can actually make your day special:



This is one of the important factors to be considered. Organic farms however, are the best locations for green weddings to take place. Other than this, a garden, lawn or any open location with green surroundings are the most ideal ones to perform the ceremony.

A check is required on materials used to decorate the stage etc, as degradable materials must be used that helps in reducing your carbon footprints. The wedding ceremony you hold must avoid any carbon emissions.


Green Attire

The major purpose of going green for your wedding is to conserve energy and to pass on this message to everyone however; cost cutting is one of the added benefits. The attires has to be simple yet elegant for both bride and groom. Brides can even re-use their mom’s wedding dress if calls out for a vintage theme.


Leafy Invitations

To avoid paper waste, send the wedding invitations in a soft copy format or if paper invitation for you is a must then probably one can use re-cycled paper which is another viable option. Handmade papers are biodegradable and even decorative thus, to enhance green theme for your wedding, handmade paper invitations can be used.


Go Veggie

Many of us may not like the idea of turning vegetarians for the day especially those who are hardcore non-vegetarians, however making the menu vegetarian can be like a cherry on the cake. The leftover food if any can be used as organic waste that can be used by producing eco-friendly fertilizers.


Green Bit & Pieces

Green wedding is actually a small favour to keep the environment healthy and in turn we are making our lives healthy. Green should be mixed in every part of the wedding such as deciding up the menu, carbon free decoration and soft music etc. Make sure that you involve eco-friendly options wherever possible in the entire celebration.

These are some of the things that can actually send out a healthy message to all so as to involve more and more people in the “go green” brigade.

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