Spring Cleaning Your Junk in an Eco-friendly Way

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Spring Cleaning Your Junk in an Eco-friendly Way

With Christmas now a sad, distant memory, thoughts start to turn to spring, and the deep clean that our dusty, cluttered homes sometimes need. Although the task may fill you with dread, a good spring clean can be therapeutic while giving added space and a new lease of life to your home.

But when we’re biting the bullet and discarding things that we just don’t need any more, it’s important to spring clean your home in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment.  By recycling and re-using our junk, we can help the world and those around us – so how can we do it?


Compost Your Disposables

Although most of the stuff that we’ll be throwing away during the spring clean won’t be suitable for recycling in a green way, it’s still vital to dispose of your ‘green’ waste such as old food and dead flowers in a responsible way. By lumping your disposables in with general waste, you’re denying them the chance to decompose naturally – and missing out on great fertiliser for a garden or plant pots. Composting doesn’t have to be for those with 5 acre gardens: all it needs is a small dark bag outside to place your food waste. In a matter of months you’ll have amazing compost that’s miles better than the stuff you’d get in a store.


Recycle Your Papers

Whether it’s Christmas cards, wrapping paper or the extensive cardboard packing that once fitted securely around festive gifts, there are a lot of recyclable materials that get produced during the 12 days of Christmas and won’t be gotten rid of until the annual spring clean. So, make sure that when you’re disposing of all your paper materials that you do so in an eco-friendly way: at a recycling site or by keeping your home warm and burning them.


Give Away Your Clothes

Well, not all of them. But let’s face it, we all receive a lot of clothes during Christmas and we accumulate even more throughout the year during our many, many trips to shopping centres. So challenge yourself to throw away one item of clothing for each new one you receive, or have a good sort through your clothes. You’ll be surprised by how many of them you’ve not worn for the last year. And there’s always a good home that can be found for quality clothes that still hold together well – even if they’re last year’s fashion. Try dropping them off at a charity shop or a clothes bank, where people who need them will benefit.


Recycle Your Bigger Items

There always comes a time when bigger household items, such as sofas, freezers, TVs or cupboards must be replaced, and their removal requires slightly more specialist treatment. So, don’t be afraid to talk to a specialist recycling waste company who can help you to dispose of your big waste in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment.

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