5 Ways to Incorporate Green Modern Design Into Your Home

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5 Ways to Incorporate Green Modern Design Into Your Home

Everyone is going green, but should you? You’ve heard that it’s expensive to outfit your office with energy-efficient designs and decor. While some upgrades can be costly, it doesn’t have to be. Plus, by incorporating so-called “green” upgrades, you might end up livening up the place a bit, cleaning the indoor air, and improving productivity.


Get A Wooden L-Shaped Desk

If you have a glass or steel-framed desk that’s showing its age, it might be time to upgrade. But, upgrading doesn’t necessarily mean going with a more polished finish. Maybe what you need is a good-quality wooden desk.

Wood has several important benefits that many small business owners often overlook. First, it’s usually a little more expensive to purchase a wooden desk – wait, how is this a benefit over cheaper desk configurations? Well, for starters, the reason it’s more expensive is because it’s better built. This is especially true if you’re buying solid hardwood and not press board material. Better quality materials tend to last longer.

Secondly, wood has a warm finish that compliments almost any interior – even modern interiors. Wood is also a natural material and can help bring the outdoors, indoors. This might be important if you don’t have many windows in your office or if you’re in the middle of a cit block with no real view of a natural setting.

L-shaped desks tend to be competitively priced so, while you tend to pay more for them, the pricing isn’t too far out of line from what you’d spend on more modern materials.


Use The Color Green

The color green can really brighten up a room, and the paint should cost you a lot either. Choose a light green that creates a sense of freshness and cleanliness.


Move Part of The Office Outdoors

This might seem a little difficult, especially if you rent space, but floor-level buildings sometimes have outdoor patios. Spending a little time, and even a little money, to create an “outdoor office” might give at least some of your staff the opportunity to get some fresh air while still getting some work done. One important consideration is noise – if you work in an area with a lot of road noise, this idea might not be feasible. Wind is another consideration. If you do decide to expand your office outside, make sure you have adequate wind screening.


Useful Accessories

Not all offices need accessories, but many do and don’t even realize it. Rather than filing things in a metal filing cabinet, use wooden shelves with decorative storage bins. It saves space and it’s stylish. You can also use storage benches to store papers and other supplies instead of putting them in another room. The bench is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Use Greenery To Clean The Air

If you rarely open your windows (which is common in business offices), greenery can help clean the air and keep you motivated to work. Common house plants, like the spider plant, remove VOCs and other indoor air pollutants. Philodendrons are another good plant for cleaning the air. In fact, research from the University of Technology, Sydney shows that this plant is one of the top varieties for removing VOCs and excess carbon dioxide. Lemon Balm freshens the air, while Peace Lilies will clean the air better than almost any other house plant – plus they’re very attractive and don’t need much sunlight.

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