Keeping Your Business Green

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Keeping Your Business Green

It’s not a secret that people are looking for more and more ways to protect the environment, especially as they realize the intense damages that human beings are causing. At home, it’s often as simple as recycling and turning off the lights when they are not in use. However, how can you make your business more environmentally friendly?


Online Business Transactions

Instead of sending checks through the mail, you can start sending and receiving them online. Just imagine all of that paper that is wasted with the envelope, stamp and the check itself. No longer will trees have to suffer at your hands when you select this environmentally friendly method.


Online Meetings

Another suggestion is to host meetings with satellite companies over the computer. This method is green because people will not be wasting gas to get to the meetings. Use an online broadcasting system or a chat system is just as effective. As long as the people are able to see on another on the screen, they can effectively communicate ideas, share charts and engage in all of the other normal happenings of a business meeting. This is particularly effective if people are having to fly in from other parts of the country to attend these meetings a couple of times per year. Just think of all of the fuel that a plan needs!


Changing Ways of Interacting

It’s likely that your business still sends out a number of paper bills to the clients. Once again, stamps, paper and envelopes are being wasted on these transactions. Notify all of your customers that you will be switching to online billing within the next month or so. It’s only fair to give them notice as some people might not currently have Internet connection in their home. Try to limit the amount of electricity spent in the office too. You could eliminate a number of the phones in the work space, and require employees to communicate with clients through e-mail instead.


Keeping Clean

Of course, you want the office environment to stay clean and tidy too, and by doing this, you can also work toward saving the environment. For example, set up a recycle bin in a few different areas of the room. If you own a huge business, you’ll likely need to do this on the multiple floors of the establishment. Furthermore, you can put notes next to the sink and to the lights to remind people to shut both of them off when they are done. So you think you can’t enforce these rules? Well, you can’t really dock employees’ pay because they aren’t following them, but you could revoke fun events, such as Friday dress down day.


Volunteer Opportunities

Let your employees know that you’re going to be turning green. Set up a few volunteer opportunities, such as cleaning up a local park, to help them understand the importance of going green. You don’t need to require them to attend these events, but be sure to get the word out there so that all interested parties do come.


Going green might be difficult in the beginning, especially if you have employees who are not willing to cooperate. However, once you start to see everyone working together toward creating a better environment, you’ll be happy that you implemented the new programs.


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