Building A Green Business In 2014

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Building A Green Business In 2014

One of the latest trends in business today is the need to “Go Green”. Going green simply means adopting more sustainable and environmental-friendly business technologies and practices. The need to go green is popular with small, medium, and large business startups because it is both progressive and smart. If you are thinking of starting a business in 2014, it is important to consider green business ventures or using green technologies -it is a great way to fuse your entrepreneurial spirit with the passion of green living.  The following are some technologies and business trends that you may consider.


E-Waste Recycling

Most pick-up bins are only meant for standard recyclables such as plastics, papers, and glasses. Electronic waste and batteries are rarely recycled. However, they can pose serious environmental risks when left in the landfills. You can offer to collect all the e-wastes that have been collecting in various homeowners’ garages and bring them to a central electronic recycling facility. You can choose to charge them per item or by weight of the item. You can also choose to charge them a flat rate for your services.



Most home gardeners, especially those in urban settings are need of compost because they do not have enough space to start their own piles. You can create and sell compost to such home gardens and other green thumbs.  Remember, it is not hard to start; you only need to spare a small corner of your own yard. Although it is a messy business (you will be handling with worms, lawn trimmings, and food scraps among other materials), it is worth since there is high demand for this natural fertilizer among these urban gardeners and other organic gardeners as well. You will also be selling to various organizations such as community-supported agriculture (CSA) and variety of farmer markets.


Green Housekeeping

For the working class, especially those who do long hours, cleaning the house often fall to the bottom of the to-do lists. You can provide green solution to their cleaning and other housekeeping woes. You can offer everything from light dusting services to medium and heavy-duty chores such as cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. Advertise yourself as the green solution provider who uses only approved organic and environmental friendly cleaning products. It is important though to note that your clients will allow you to access their homes, so building a reputation for yourself is very vital.


Organic/Handmade Products

There are myriad products that can be made using common and readily available natural or organic materials- cosmetics, soaps, and other cleaning products are a few examples of household products  that can be made using all-natural materials. Although anyone can find a recipe for vinegar or sugar based cleaning solution and make one for themselves, some people just don’t have the time and resources to try out such endeavors. If you can prepare and package these products nicely, especially in sets, you can sell them to nearby homeowners, local markets or online stores.


Air Duct Cleaning

Every homeowner loves to save a few bucks on energy, water, and gas bills. Dust and other debris in home ventilation systems can greatly reduce energy efficiency of any home setting. You can help various homeowners save on energy related bills by offering them air duct cleaning services. You only need to have a few tools to start and some knowledge on heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Opting for green business venture or cultivating green business ideas in your business is a great way to save the planets. It is not only easy, but it also requires limited resources.


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