5 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs in Your Home

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5 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs in Your Home

Cutting up some insulation

Proper insulation conserves energy and saves you money

Energy prices are continually rising, and the average consumer are finding that they must find a way to reduce their costs, without having to reduce their living standards.  There are many ways that this can be accomplished.  The following five suggestions can help you reduce your power costs without affecting the way that you live.

Use Florescent Lighting

Florescent lights use a third of the energy that a regular light bulb uses, and will provide just as much light.  Many florescent bulbs are now made to easily fit into standard incandescent fixture, making the conversion very easy.  Florescent bulbs are relatively inexpensive and last longer than incandescent bulbs, providing you with additional savings.

Window Replacements

While this cost savings tip is a little expensive to begin with, the overall savings you receive from replacing your old windows will more than pay for the cost.  Leaky windows can account for more than half of the wasted energy a home uses each day.  Imagine what your electricity bill will look like when half of your air conditioning is not seeping out.


Insulating you crawl spaces, walls, and other areas where there may be excess air loss will dramatically drop your power consumption.  Heat rises during the colder months, and if your crawl spaces are not insulated, that heat will flow out through your roof.  During the warmer months, the insulation will help keep the home cool, requiring less power to maintain the temperature you desire.

Smart Power Strips

These wonderful power strips can reduce your monthly power usage between five and ten percent.  Unlike a standard power strip, these strips can sense when an appliance enters into “stand by” mode.  Once this occurs, the strip will reduce power to the device, cutting your energy consumption. These strips are perfect to use on entertainment centers, computers, and the areas where you plug in your phone charges, coffee makers and other often used appliances.

Programmable Thermostat

When you install a programmable thermostat into your home, you can save up to 15 percent of your energy consumption each month. You can program the device to keep your home at one temperature while you are gone for the day, and a more comfortable temperature while you are home.

Of course, there are several other ways to reduce your energy costs at home, but these five tips will bring the largest savings in the shortest amount of time.


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