2 Reasons Why Green Building Is Important

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2 Reasons Why Green Building Is Important

Our natural resources are limited and there needs to be a change in the way we live if we want to ensure that we would be able to pass on these benefits to future generations. One great way of making sure our lifestyles become more sustainable is to invest into green building.

Green building is a great way to help the environment and there are many environmental benefits to green building. But there are also benefits to the human health as well as economic benefits.


What Is Green Building

First, it is important to look at what qualifies a building project as green. Green buildings are the ones using water, energy and building material in a more efficient way. They also limit the stress they create for human life as well as for the environment. A green building project is not just about the process of building but it involves environmentally friendly choices throughout the planning process and continues this way of thinking long into the use of the building.

Green building is necessary because it helps reduce the stress buildings have on the environment. It can help save the planet’s resources as well since a lot of materials in green building are recycled. Other then being great for the environment there are two other reasons why it is important.


Reasons Why It Is Important

Here are two reasons why green building is really important and beneficial to both humans and the environment.

1. Improve The Quality Of Life

Quality of life can be massively improved through green buildings. Green Building organization reports that air quality is a lot better inside green buildings than traditional buildings. A lot of old buildings are facing issues with mold and pollen, which is often times due to the synthetic materials that are used in the buildings as well as the incorrect way of allowing moisture and energy to escape and enter the building.

Green buildings are usually more efficient in using natural light inside the structure and this is really important. Natural light is important for humans because it doesn’t create as much stress on our eyes as artificial light. Large amounts of sunlight can also help people feel happier; and green buildings have started to target this factor in medical buildings.

2. Reduces The Building Costs

A common mistake is to think that green building is more costly than the traditional style of building but in fact this is often not the case. In some cases the additional costs might be higher initially but once the sustainability is achieved the buildings pay it back over time. This is the case for solar panels for example.

A lot of new innovative materials also help save on construction costs. ETFE panels for instance can help save around 60% of the constructions costs because they are so lightweight, durable and act as great insulation.

With these amazing benefits to quality of life and the fact that green building is really cost effective, it is little wonder that more and more public places are using green innovative building materials.

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