Time to Make a Green Deal

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Time to Make a Green Deal

Presently there are many homes that are poorly insulated and because of this many families are using more gas and electricity than they should. It means that they are consuming a huge amount of energy which is throwing away a lot of money in energy. To stop this government of UK has taken an initiative named “The Green Deal” which encourages the business and domestic energy users to reduce their energy consumption by installing energy efficient appliances in their homes and workplaces. The homeowners do not have to pay for the work up front. All the costs associated with providing the insulation will be picked up by a borrower initially and then it will be repaid using the money saved on the energy bills.

Green Deal is the biggest initiative in the history of energy saving and it has the potential to bring a drastic change if implemented successfully. It will also create abundant job opportunities which will help in boosting up the economy. For the homeowners and common people it will be a win-win solution in which they do not have to suffer any kind of loss. The deal will follow a simple rule: estimated savings on the bills will always equal or exceed the cost of the work.

This process will start with the property assessment. The property of the homeowners will be assessed by an accredited advisor. He will visit your property to check whether the property is fit or needs energy efficient improvements. An Energy Performance Certificate will be provided if everything is up to the mark. After this the green deal providers will quote for the work and the installation will be started with the help of the installers.

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