• Ray Boggs

    What’s missing from this story is that if you’re after performance then you don’t want solar tiles. Silicon based solar technology works off of light not heat. The hotter a solar panel gets, the poorer it will perform. You’ll get your best performance on a cold, bright winter’s day than you will during the peak of summer. Solar tiles do not allow for any air flow so they offer poorer performance than conventional solar panels.

  • Scotts Contracting

    What is ugly about a product on your roof that earns you $$$$?

  • pnwfemale

    I’d rather have the solar panels over the solar tiles. However, either solar option would look better than a corrugated steel roof.

  • Thomas_Blaney

    Demand the same “aesthetic standards” for satellite dishes, antennaes, air conditioners, evsporative coolers and skylights. This assinine attitude is supported by fossil fues utilities and helped destroy solar energy even in AZ in the ’80’s, by requiring expensive parapets be built around solar panels on the roof.

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